once more with feeling

Once More with Feeling

Arthur MacDonald, 85, is having an end-of-life crisis.

He’s about to fail the obligatory ‘older driver’ practical test for parallel parking more than five hundred millimetres from the curb. His beloved, dying wife of over sixty years no longer knows who he is. His older brother still has all his hair and a wife almost half his age. The man his middle-aged daughter is dating has a ponytail. His teenage grandson wants to make desserts for a living. And his daughter wants him to move into Silvermine, the retirement home down the road, an Alcatraz for old people.

But when Arthur unexpectedly meets the mysterious, radical, eighty-something-year-old Robbie Johnson, he begins to see he's still got a whole lot more to learn: not only how to bribe his way into passing some of life’s more absurd tests, but how to live fully, how to behave badly, and how to love better.

Listener Reviews:

 An absolutely delightful gem

What a beautiful book. It had me both chuckling out loud and then later crying while I listened. Highly recommended. Great narrator.” - Mrs. Angela M. Fouhy

Thought provoking and Beautiful.

I loved this book. The author has navigated their way through a sensitive topic with love and respect. A beautiful story with thought provoking undertones.” - Amazon Customer

 “Such a beautiful and heart warming story, introducing us to characters that show us that you’re never too old to grow!”

Highly recommended reading!

What a fabulous story! So very well researched, engaging and entertaining all at the same time. It explores topics such as society's deplorable attitudes towards it's more senior citizens, the heart-wrenching pain of dementia for both the sufferer and their family, finding love and excitement in old age and finally euthanasia. Now this might sound like quite a miserable list of topics, but the author discusses them with love, warmth and a good sprinkling of humour. :-D This book is a must-read for everyone - particularly those who want to embrace an adventurous and enjoyable life when they too get older.” - Wednesday's Child

A refreshingly honest and candid insight into the pitfalls of growing old-with a ‘feel good’ ending that gives all of us hope that we might find, or have, our own soulmate to share that period with.” - parko

A must read book

Made me grin, laugh and cry like an idiot, absolutely love the way the narrator pulled off multiple characters! Highly recommend everyone to have a read or listen to this book. It made me think and reflect.” - Anonymous User

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life after truth audible

Life After Truth follows five close friends over a Harvard College 15th reunion weekend.

Jules, already a famous actor when she arrived on campus as a freshman, is changing in mysterious ways as she approaches forty, but won’t share what is haunting her. Mariam and Rowan, who married young, are struggling with the demands of family life, and starting to regret prioritizing meaning over wealth in their careers. Eloise, now a Harvard professor who studies the psychology of happiness, is troubled by her much younger wife’s radical politics. And Jomo, founder of a luxury jewellery company, has been carrying an engagement ring around in his pocket for months, unsure whether his girlfriend is his soulmate.

Fifteen years after graduating from the most prestigious university in the world, on the cusp of middle age, they are still trying to pursue happiness (though it remains elusive), while wondering if they’ve wasted their youthful opportunities. But the soul-searching begins in earnest when the most infamous member of their Class of 2003, Frederick Reese – senior advisor and son of recently elected and loathed President Reese – turns up dead.

Old friends often think they know everything about one another, but time has a way of making us strangers to those we love – and to ourselves.

Listener Reviews:

Intelligent and Entertaining

This is an insightful and humorous exploration of the passage from youth into maturity - contrasting the euphoric expectations of student life at an elite university with the realities of work and parenthood. It’s a great read with believable and interesting characters.” - Jeanne

A compelling, beautifully crafted, emotive book that everyone will be able to relate to!

Ceridwen Dovey’s book, Life after Truth, was amazing. I loved every minute and found each chapter so descriptive and emotive. It was so thoughtfully written so that each character became my friend and I felt like I too was at the reunion! Listening to this story made me want more of her work- she has cleverly crafted this book to perfection!” - Anonymous User

Highly addictive & thoroughly enjoying

I absolutely loved this book to the point of cleaning out all my cupboards just so I could keep listening to it. The characters are complex and relatable and I’m already missing them. Several laugh out loud moments, and many ideas & issues I’ll be thinking about long after finishing. Would highly recommend to fans of Donna Tart, Christos Tsiolkas & Leanne Moriarty... or any lover of good literature!” - Amazon Customer

Great listen, complex characters

Really enjoyed the characters, their complexity and their reflections on adulthood and also the thinly veiled parody? Of the Trump presidency” - Kate Johnson