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Collaborating as Animal Allegories, Zoë Sadokierski and Ceridwen Dovey craft stories that are experimental, visually surprising and a little strange. These tales of animal entanglements will make you think and feel anew about the world around us. As our species adapts to frightening new ecological realities, and as we fight to keep the future liveable for all creatures, the power of imagination plays a critical, if underappreciated, role.

We know stories can’t save the world. But they can provide moments of respite, transporting us into an imaginative realm where new possibilities shimmer briefly into view.

We are working with the Australian Museum on a project called Survival Stories: Threatened Species and the People Who Study Them, as well as the Center for Humans and Nature in the U.S. to publish stories that are more fable than fact. Animal Allegories hosts some of this material, as well as a few of our more off-kilter storytelling experiments.