Audible Originals




Captives (a short film by Zoe Sadokierski & Ceridwen, collaborating as Animal Allegories) has won the Sydney Shooshfest Silent Film Festival 2024! You can watch Captives here.

Thanks to the Sydney Review of Books for publishing my essay "Telling Stories From the Perspectives of Objects" about some of the ideas behind my new book of stories, Only the Astronauts (Penguin Random House, May 2024)

Memorabilia (co-directed/co-written by Ceridwen & Rowena Potts) shortlisted for Best Documentary at the 2023 St Kilda Film Festival

Requiem (directed by Rowena Potts & written/produced by Ceridwen) selected for the 2023 Pariscience International Science Film Festival in Paris

Animal Allegories (co-founded by Zoe Sadokierski & Ceridwen) launches in partnership with the U.S. Center for Humans and Nature

Ceridwen's essay "Everlasting Free Fall" (about the impact of satellite mega-constellations on astronomy) has won the UNSW Press Bragg Prize for Science Writing. Vanessa Kirby (from The Crown) read the audio version of the story for Alexander, with an accompanying short film by Andrew B. Myers.