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Inspired by some of the recent genre-defying and form-challenging writing on motherhood, friends Ceridwen Dovey and Eliza Bell decided to take a creative risk and co-write MOTHERTONGUES, an experimental book about early motherhood. It will be published by Penguin Random House in May 2022 (as both a physical book + audiobook).


The best parts of motherhood are often the enriching collaborations with other women doing the same daily labours. Ceridwen and Eliza felt that motherhood as a theme naturally lends itself to collaborative writing and creating, as a way of pushing back against the entrenched assumption that art-making must be solitary to be taken seriously.

For many years, Ceridwen has been fascinated by collaborative writing (which led her to publish this essay in the New Yorker, about writing novels as a group), and Eliza has a background in theatre-acting, which by its very nature is a group act of creation. She has always been intrigued by the Theatre of the Absurd, and together they realised that this might be the perfect lens through which to explore the fragmented, absurd, banal, totally-ordinary-yet-still-extraordinary nature of mothering young children in one time and place.

This led to them beginning to search for new forms and methods of creation that could fit within their fragmented, messy lives as mothers. They began to blend literary and theatrical influences, collecting and recombining any bits and scraps of their own motherhoods that they could salvage. There are many different performances of motherhood, and masks that mothers take off and put on strategically to survive: so they trained a spotlight on the Mother on a stage, but also wandered off into the shadowy wings, to find her shadow selves.

From the start of writing together, Ceridwen and Eliza were interested in blurring the boundaries between different modes of expression - prose, poetry, theatre and song - and bringing them all together in an experimental work of fiction.

This is why they asked their Sydney songwriter friend, Keppie Coutts, to work with them on creating eight original songs to be interspersed throughout the audiobook, in between the textual narrative. The audiobook will not be a pale aural imitation of the physical book but will create a more atmospheric audio experience for a listener. Through music and song, they can represent the bursts, range and depth of emotions felt by women in the years of mothering young children in a way they can’t through text alone.

This layering of intellect and emotion, the shifting from text to song, from thinking to feeling, the toggling between the cerebral and the embodied, is exactly what is required of mothers too. In this way, by taking down the boundaries between art forms, and messing things up a little, they hope to give readers – and listeners – a richer, more complex experience. 

The MOTHERTONGUES album of songs will be available for readers of the physical book to stream for free. 

If you’d like to contribute to our Pozible crowd fundraising campaign to raise the funds to cover the cost of performing/recording these songs for the audiobook, please visit our page on Pozible. You may purchase tickets to our November 27th Zoom fundraising event (featuring Anna Funder & Jemma Birrell in conversation) + LIVE launch of the MOTHERTONGUES book in May 2022 hosted by Roaring Stories Bookshop.



Creator Bios

the ladies

Keppie, Ceridwen and Eliza

ceridwen author

Ceridwen Dovey

Ceridwen Dovey writes fiction, creative non-fiction, long form science-writing, and in-depth essays and profiles. Her debut novel, BLOOD KIN, was selected for the US National Book Foundation’s prestigious “5 Under 35” honours list. Her second book, ONLY THE ANIMALS, won the inaugural 2014 Readings New Australian Writing Award. Her memoir-biography, ON JM COETZEE: WRITERS ON WRITERS, was published in 2018 as part of Black Inc.’s acclaimed Writers on Writers series. She’s also the author of the novel LIFE AFTER TRUTH and the bestselling Audible Original novel ONCE MORE WITH FEELING. She has published essays with, WIRED, the Smithsonian Magazine, the Monthly, and Alexander. In 2020, she was awarded a prestigious Eureka Award by the Australian Museum. 

eliza co creator

Eliza Bell

Co-creator Eliza Bell is a teacher, writer, and theatre actor. She has lived and worked in Washington, New York, Berkeley, Cambridge, Moscow, and Paris.  Favourite performances include: The Memory of Water; A Midsummer Night’s Dream; New Jerusalem; The Interrogation of Baruch de Spinoza; The Accident; Charles Mee’s Snow in June; Donnie Darko; The Most Massive Woman Wins; Three Sisters; and that weird date when the priest took her to dinner at Prune and then a dirty puppet show that she tried to find amusing because she was just that lonely and plus she knew it would be a good story someday.  Eliza trained at Studio Magenia Ecole de Mime in Paris and the Moscow Art Theater, U.C. Berkeley and American Repertory Theatre Institute at Harvard University. She is currently the Dean of Performance Arts and Head of Drama at a Sydney high school. 

eliza co creator

keppie musician

Keppie Coutts

Keppie Coutts is an Australian singer songwriter, whose blend of jazz-infused folk melts the mellow tones of Norah Jones with the ethereal pixie spirit of Laura Marling into a Chagall painting of sound. Keppie’s tunes are earthy, sophisticated, and direct- heart-squeezing, uplifting; sometimes hilarious, sometimes dark. Multi-Grammy award-winning artist John Mayer heard a new tune of Keppie’s (‘Waiting for the Avalanche’) and within a week, had taken it into the studio in Boston to record. Keppie had scored a private audience with Mayer as one of 12 young songwriters hand-selected to spend the week with Mayer in 2008.

A sojourn to the US saw Coutts catapult from student to faculty at the Berklee College of Music in Boston in 5 short years, teaching in the Songwriting Department in 2010. Since then, Keppie’s music has appeared on international radio and prime time television, and Coutts has taught songwriting at the Songwriting School of Los Angeles, Berklee Online, and for the Conservatorium Open Academy in her native Sydney. Coutts’ talents as a lyric writer have more recently been sought after by others in the music industry, with songs co-written by Coutts released by pop act, Sayah, and Australian heavy metal mash-up band, Twelve Foot Ninja. Keppie’s music can be found here.